A fanlisting is a list of fans for a particular theme -a series, a character game, a song, or just almost whatever you might think of that can get people's interest-. This is a fanlisting for n (nano) my favorite character from Togainu no Chi. This fanlisting is a part of


1- You must like n.
2- Your name, nickname or just how you'd like to be listed.
3- Your e-mail. (Not obligatory)
4- Your country.
5- If you have a website, provide the URL so we can link you back.
5.1- Not obligatory, but if you feel like, you may go to the Codes Section, take one and upload it to your page.
5.2- Please, don't direct linking the codes.

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50 x 50

88 x 31

100 x 50

1- RavenTears // www // @ // Peru
2- Toxic// www // @ // Germany
3- Lauren// www // @ // USA

Nano's shrine?